Emergency Response Services

Southern Response Services’ primary goal is to provide the highest quality and the most cost-effective training to industrial emergency response teams. Southern Response Services has since accomplished its initial goal with a proven record of delivering the highest possible levels of training to industry, both standard and custom, at exceptionally reasonable prices.

Industrial Contract Staffing

Whether you are seeking to fulfill short-term staffing needs or long term requirements, Southern Response Services talent acquisition specialists are equally skilled at recruiting and retaining people for short and medium-term contracts or permanent placements. We always help you source the best possible candidate for your needs, while our established recruitment networks keep costs within budgets.


Southern Response Services’ temp-to-hire program allows our clients to convert our temporary employees to their permanent staff. Southern Response Services makes a significant investment in the recruitment and evaluation of our qualified pool of contract employees. Our conversion fee consists of a mutually agreeable percentage of the employee’s annual salary. In addition, we offer a credit in consideration for the length of time our employee has been assigned to your organization.

Payroll Services

Payroll is personal, and it affects every aspect of your business. Partnering with Southern Response Services allows you to streamline your payroll process, avoid costly penalties for untimely tax remittance and focus your time increasing the profitability of your company.

Criminal Background Checks

Hiring the wrong person wastes time and money and could jeopardize the hard-earned reputation of your company. Not only that, there are liability issues to consider. Southern Response Services believes you should trust, but verify. That’s why we offer background checks based on real-time information, and federal, state, county and local records and customized plans to fit your hiring needs.

Drug Testing

With pre-employment drug tests, you can help your employees be healthy, safe, and productive on the job.  Southern Response Services’ pre-employment drug tests are designed to help you do just that. Our employee drug testing process is fast, easy, and convenient, so that you can streamline your hiring process and keep your employees productive.

On-Site Staffing Services

At Southern Response Services, we pride ourselves on developing and implementing customized solutions to manage our client’s ever changing workforce needs. We specialize in Contingent Workforce Management, Vendor of Premise (VOP) and Staffing Services. With Southern Response Services, you receive more than just temporary employees: you receive a human resource partner to help you skillfully and efficiently oversee your workforce which ultimately helps you see growth in your bottom line.

Safety Programs

Southern Response Services provide companies with comprehensive Safe and Healthy Workplace Programs to reduce your risk and ensure the safety of your employees.  Employers have a legal obligation to provide a workplace in which neither the environment nor the work practices subject employees to any unreasonable risk in safety or health. Southern Response Services provides a number of services and programs that address the challenges of creating and complying with the creation and maintenance of a Safe and Healthy Workplace environment.